Ocean SVO150CE Boiler 150L

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Quality boiler by OCEAN made with a reinforced copper heating element. With a maximum temperature of 75°, 1500 W Power max 8 Bar. Manufactured according to CE standards with safety valve and external adjustable thermostat. Class I insulation, polyurethane


  • Dimension: 55x55x93,5 cm
  • Voltage: 230 V, connection
  • Standards: CE
  • Capacity: 2000W - 150L
  • Pressure max.: 8 Bar
  • Placement: vertical
  • External: enameled steel coating corrosion resistant
  • Internal: enameled steel tank glass lining coated at 900°c glass lined protection
  • Color: white

Technical details

  • Durable with reinforced copper heating element
  • Equipped with safety valve, double safety thermostat and signal lamp
  • Easy to operate via external adjustable thermostat
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